The crazy thoughts in my head: December 2006

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Sunday, December 31, 2006


What will I remember the year 2006 for? I will remember it as the year of revelation, self discovery, self evaluation, advancement, success, and so many other things. I had to make some major decisions and it was not easy.
In 2006, I interviewed Frank Nweke Jnr, Iyabo Obasanjo Bello, Gov Bola Tinubu, Femi Pedro, D-Banj, P-square, Weird MC, Fadabasi, Ashionye (Michelle), Dare, Amplifyd Crew, Banky W, Cohbams, Jesse King, Bouqui, Blaise, Essence, Freestyle, Mode 9, Obiwon, African China, Faze, Dakore Egbuson, Jedi & some that I cant even remember.
I was also first person to interview 1 of the survivors of the last plane crash. I thank God for my life, my family, my health, My Sanity (LOL).
I made new friends, I broke up with friends. I saw Beyonce, Missy, Busta, Snoop & Ciara in the flesh. I went on many (Office) interviews, didn’t get the jobs and I kept asking God to show what to do with my life. In December 2006, Things started to look up, I was photographed for a women’s magazine & even called a fashionista (LOL!) That is laughable! I was nominated for On-Air personality of the year, I had offers to do a cartoon series, got an endorsement deal & im still in talks for something really huge and I know if its meant to be, it will be. I am really grateful to God.
2006 will go down as the year I learnt Time Management.

I want to say Thank you to all who contributed to my experiences in the year 2006 (both good & bad). God bless you!

2007 is hours away & I can just feel the success, the opportunities, the many more endorsement deals and many more wonderful things in store for me. I pray that God should continue to be with me & also with u who is reading this. Luv ya!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Will be back soon

Its been crazy! I dont have an off day anymore. Wont have an off day till feb 2007!!! isnt that crazy??? Im around, just not posting right now. Luv u! Happy new year!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Breaking News !!!!

News reaching me just now is that somehow David has discovered my blog and is going around saying im dissing him on a website. This is just crazy.

Monday, December 18, 2006

People I have interviewed this year.(Part 1)

My first Interview this year was with D-Banj (the koko master) dont ask me what that means, when i asked him during the interview, he said "When R-kelly tells us the meaning of Thoia Thiong, i will tell u the meaning of the KOKO."
D-banj is a friendly guy, playful, restless, very energetic, charming even. I did feel like slapping him a few times during the interview though (Lol) I would ask him a serious question and he would give me a silly answer. for example:
"Dbanj, you were based in the U.K, why did you come back to Nigeria?
Ans: " (Laughing) My kokolets u know, i love my kokolets, cant live without my kokolets (laughing).

Me: You keep mentioning kokolets, pls define kokolet........
Him: A kokolet (laughing) is a fine woman (laughing) with curves in the right places (laughing) like u (laughing) U are fit to be a kokolet.

I hope u get the picture, by the time the interview was done, i had a major headache and i felt like i had just finished babysitting a troublesome toddler. I like the guy though. He's fun.

To add insult to injury, when i got home , my dad said i let him take over the interview and that i was overwhelmed by him. I was so mad. (Stay tuned for Part 2)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Look Mom! Im on TV!

Seriously! Im on tv! One day last week, my co-worker came to me & said a telecoms company is looking for a female co-presenter for their tv program and Mrs RMD (Jumobi) recommended me, i was so surprised cos ive never met this woman before but she recommended me? So, a lady from some agency contacted & told me what would be required of me, the discussion now shifted to what i would be paid...............lets just say what they were offering was almost insulting........and i was having a hard time acceoting their offer. They called me the next day and said they had given the job to another lady from another radio station. Even though the money was insulting, i was still sad. I was really down but i decided it was not for me.

I later got a call a few days later that the executives could not decide who they wanted, so they wanted all the ladies being considered to come in for an audition. I went to the audition (Thank God it was a private audition) . The next day, they offered me the job. Now the job was supposed to be just a once a week thing (Every sunday) . They called me later & said they wanted an everyday thing for the next 7 weeks and they multiplied the money (x 5) .

Call me greedy or whatever but i was kinda dissappointed that they didnt multiply it by 7 . If they had, i would have been paid some millions! (Im a thief abi?) LOL. I thank God sha. Its a big break for me @ such a young age. I dunno if i ever revealed this but Im 22years. There i said it, im tired of hiding my age. So watch for me on National/Network TV.

NB: I called Mrs RMD for recommending me. God bless her.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Due to popular demand, I'll finish this story. .......................
The next day i walked into the studio, he was talking to a female co-worker and he turned back& saw me....

He Says: Oh, Speak of the devil!
I say: (Sarcastic tone) Oh, Hi angel! (and i walked out of the studio)

Later, my co-worker comes to me and asks what happened and i told her, she then said David had gone around telling anyone who would listen that I was disrespectful to him. Being a media house, the word spread faster than wild fire, every one heard about it. They kept coming up to me to ask why i didnt hang out with david anymore.....

We ignored each other & spoke only when absolutely necessary for almost a month. A female co-worker & friend (lets call her Nikky) came up to me and said:

Nikky: I need to talk to you
Me: What about?
Nikky: About u & David, We (your friends @ work) Think u should go talk to him, apologize because......(I cut her off)
Me: WHAT? Hell NO!!!
Nikky: We know he's an idiot, he's immature.........but we think you should try to talk to him, not because you are wrong, but so that u can get back on the morning show. U know its the #1 morning show in Naija. U cant deny that it has helped your career as a broadcaster. We know he misses having u on the show and we know u miss being on the show..........

Me: I cant do it, It would just make him have a bigger head, i cant. He has never once apologized to me, i cant keep getting disrespected!

Nikky: This is a career move, do this for your career.

Me: I'll think about it. Thanks.

So i though about it for a few hours........& decided to grudgingly talk to the idiot! This is how the conversation went...............

Me: Hey

Him: Hey

Me: So whats going on?

Him: What do u mean whats going on (smirking)

Me: All the drama, all the wahala

Him: Theres nothing going on, we had a nasty argument. Im sorry it happened, but then im not sorry it happened, It helped me get stuff off my chest.

Me: Huh? What do u mean? what stuff? If u had stuff to say all this while, why didnt u just say it? & What does this have to do with the show?

Him: I want to go back to the days when it was just David on the show. Ive been listening to my tapes and i think im better in the studio by myself. Having you on the show, was quite distracting. I think i work better on my own & if im going to have another female co-host, it will be a more mature female, our age gap is too much. Plus u have an attitude & u are too mouthy.

Me: (loosing my cool) an attitude? mouthy? Who started the argument? You were the one who started raising your voice and saying nasty things. What did u want me to do? just let u talk to me like that? Im tired of being of spoken to that way, im tired of being treated badly. & U had the NERVE to bring up MY FATHER? & U expect me to be quiet??

Him: Too bad, he got u the job anyway, you didnt pay any dues..........(I cut him off)

Me: My father has nothing to do with this, I dont think you would like it one bit if i brought ur family into this...................(Some random co-worker just walks into the studio, so i stop talking)

Him: Besides, u made me lazy.......(Another interruption by yet another i leave the studio)

I regret going to say anything to him. He got even bigger headed. We say hello/hi/good morning or whatever but we dont hang out anymore. (To be cont.)

Christmas Shopping & more.......................

Pls forgive me for not thinking of more interesting/or intriguing titles for my posts. This week was aight. Not much happened......I went shopping, i hit up some spots on the island looking for shoes and i was pissed! I was pissed cos i couldnt find big sizes. I wear a size 10 or 11 (SHUT UP!) So its difficult for me to find fashionable shoes. Sometimes when i find my size, i just buy them cos i dont know when next i'll find my size (it's that bad! especially in naija). Anyone who has info on where to buy reasonably priced fashionable shoes (Sizes 10/11). Pls let me know.

Congrats to Ms. Minx & Myself. We are both nominees for the "On Air personality of the year" ( .
Just spoke with her on the phone and i was telling her that the competition is really tight! May the best man or woman win.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


MoNdays are my off days, I mean my ONLY off day. So I look forard to monday while evryone is dreading monday. This past monday (Yesterday) I really enjoyed myself. When i woke up, the house was empty and quiet. I loved it, Maybe im weird but am i the only one who enjoys alone time? I walked around the house in my underwear, ate what i wanted, when i wanted, farted when i wanted without having to apologize (Lol! so gross) oh And didnt take a shower till like 3pm (& no one was there to remind me that im a "Lady" & "Ladies", dont do such......bla bla bla)

Then i watched half of the first season of sex & the city, got bored and read half of a good mystery novel. I was in heaven until i heard the familiar *beep beep* of my moms car around past 6pm, i instantly wished my peaceful monday would start all over again. *sigh*

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Y'all wont believe what just happened to me!!! RMD called me!!! Lil ol me!!!! (I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A GROUPIE BUT I DONT CARE!!!!)
I decided to play this movie game on my show that involves nollywood thing i phone rings and i see this strange number, I immediately go into
*no nonsense bitch mode* cos i receive some crazy ass phone calls sometimes.

ME: Hello

HIM: Good Afternoon, is this *****?

Me: Yeeeesss???

HIM: Hi, this is RMD, I just wanted to say that what you did just now, was very creative. Im impressed.

ME: Oh my God, Thank you so much, Oh my God..........Im going to tell my whole family that RMD called me!!

HIM: *Laughing*

ME: Thank you so much.

HIM: Im really impressed, it was so creative, Thank you very much. My wife always says good stuff about you.

ME: Really? Pls tell her that she's one of the reasons that I went into this field.

HIM: Lol! she's going to feel old

ME: No no no, no offense but she was one of the people who inspired me. Thank you so much for this call.

HIM: Thank you too. Bye.

I shed a tear or two (Am i over reacting? Cos if i am, i dont give a!!!!

Oh & I saved the number!