The crazy thoughts in my head: February 2007

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am offended!

Check out this link and tell me what you think. As a member of a historic black sorority
(Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority InCorporated, Pi Nu Chapter) , i am highly annoyed at this.


The stupid heifer wrote me a bill of 75k, i almost fainted! Do you know how many shoes i can buy with 75K ??? But im sure no one will forgive me for buying shoes instead of getting a masters degree! I walked to the bank and paid the money, i got my teller, made copies, i went to the bookshop, bought higher education notebooks (remember those?) & pens, files and all the other knick knacks students pretend to use. (Its not my fault, the last time i was a student was 2004)

I got to the accounts office for cleareance for registration and i was told to go back to where i collected the tuition bill. I walk all the way there, huffing,puffing, sweating & cursing under my breath. I got there and was told to come back in 3 weeks for my receipt! 3 WEEKS! A WHOLE 3 WEEKS for a flimsy piece of paper???

Oh and get this- you cant complete registration without ur receipt! but i was told i can attend classes. So im going to class this guys wish me luck!

Oh and i almost forgot to gist you about this incident that happened earlier- I was standing at my department copying the timetable/schedule of classes and there were other students there. Next to the timetable was the list of admitted students and my name was there, one lady pointed to my name & said- "hey! isnt this the name of the girl that works @ XYZ FM?", I was like "Yeah it is, do you know her?" and she replied "No". I just chuckled to myself. I wonder how long i can get away with them not knowing who i am...........

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No title- (Cant think of an appropriate title)

The Nigerian education system is f*cked, let me rephrase that, nigerian universities are f*cked!
Y'all know the story of how daddy dearest forced me to register for classes at that school. (If you didn't, i suggest you read previous posts).

For the past two weeks,i have been trying to register for classes and its been one crazy & disorganized task! First after getting the admission letter, i was told to pay 500 naira for the prospectus, then pay another 4,500 for the acceptance & registration forms. I proceeded to my department to fill out the forms and i was told i have pay another 33,500 in miscellaneous fees. So i proceed to the accounts office, after i was eyed from head to toe by some unkempt looking woman, she demanded to see my admission letter which i showed her, then wrote me the bill. As i walking out, she said "wont you buy ships?" i turned to see her pointing to a bucket full of individually wrapped plantain chips, i smiled & said "Ah....I don't have time ehn......Thank you" Chips ko, Chips ni

After paying that, i was told to go to the bursars office to ask for my tuition bill, i got there and they directed me to another building entirely, i got there and some lady (this time not unkempt) but with a foul attitude told me to stand outside until they bring light. I thought she was going to print it from the computer system, about an hr later, NEPA brought light. Would you believe this stupid, lazy Heifer picked up her PEN and began to write out the bills? What was the point of making us wait? Why couldn't she write when there was no light? I was so angry by now, i felt like removing my 4 inch stilettos and stabbing her in the throat.................(To be continued)


Saturday, February 17, 2007

For the Love of Agbalumo

Agbalumo season is here & i am sooooo happy. I love love love love love (ok you get the point!) love this fruit! It is only available for about 2-3 months in naija so im usually excited when i can get my hands on it!

On my way to work today, i passed a mini market where they were selling agbalumo, i couldnt turn back because there was so much traffic, would you believe that i drove all the way to work,parked my car, got on an okada and went back to buy my precious agbalumo.

As i sit here at work, half eaten agbalumo in my left hand, my right hand typing this post, i realize that it was absolutely worth it!

Moving on to other things- My vals day started off sad- BF called me around 6.30am (i was already at work) apologizing for his absence and he would make it up to me bla bla- I was trying to act hard like i wasnt bothered but i couldnt pretend any longer- i miss him, i really really miss him..............i started to cry quietly and he felt really bad. I tried to stop crying but the tears kept coming, almost like rain (LOL!) so i ended the conversation and threw myself into work. An hour later i was feeling much better.

Had lunch with friends @ oceanview and then headed home to pig out on chocolate.

On thursday, the weirdest thing happened- I received a package at work, a big brown office envelope to be precise, inside it was a vals card, a watch & some sort of glass decoration. I read the card & found out it was from one of my clients, i was very shocked cos i had no idea why this older gentleman was sending me such gifts AND on Vals day- i quickly sent him a text telling him i was very grateful but i thought it would be best not to accept the gifts, he replied immediately saying he was sorry for making me feel uncomfortable and insulted.

I replied him saying i never felt insulted but im grateful anyway- to cut the story short, i had a business meeting with this guy and i felt really akward handing him back the brown envelope which he sort of grabbed/snatched. Or was i imagining things?

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Good Week???

I had an ok, so-so week last week.
On Monday- I had the day off so i ran errands

Tuesday- Got to work.............Im glad to say everything is back to normal (Or so i think?) being very careful though. Went for an audition for a movie role. Got the part!!! Im before you roll your eyes and hiss!!! My face is not going to be shown its just my lips- Its kinda similar to that Radio Dj's role in Beauty shop.

Wednesday- Nothing much. Saw Deja Vu ( I fell asleep at intervals)

Thursday- Saw dream girls.......Excellent movie, Have a new found respect for Eddie Murphy, I absolutely looooove Jennfer Hudson! . The costumes were amazing!

Friday- Got my hair did .......Dont like it. I will never ever experiment with curly weaves. Got
tickets to the 112, donell jones, chante moore & kenny lattimoore concert for free.

Saturday- Went to work, attended my friends wedding. It was beautiful. Sold the concert ticket to a good friend.Daddy dearest got back from his holiday and was acting kinda cold (all because i refused to go to that horrible school)

Sunday- Went to church but didnt ATTEND church because there was no parking. I was really pissed!
Got home after work & daddy dearest gave me an ultimatum. To go register tomorrow or else.............

Other stuffValentines day is around the corner & BF is not going to be around. Veryyy Upset about that!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

This week

This week has been ..................not very good for me.

1) My dear parents were ordering me to go register for classes at the crappy naija university- I still havent done it,much to their annoyance- My mother said im being rebelious-

2) BF is still not around,he should be back sometime next lonely

3) The tv program ended.........

4) My car decided to die on me & it needs major repairs. (Major Repairs= Major Money)

5) My stomach isnt cooperating with me......

So it wont seem to you that im a serial complainer/whiner (Lol), 3 good things happened :

1) A couple of people who owe me money,called me up and paid unexpectedly
2) Got a call from Juice magazine (Naijas version of Cosmo girl) & they want to do an interview.
3) Saw the Departed- Excellent movie!