The crazy thoughts in my head: Really Random.......traffic in first car

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Friday, October 19, 2007

Really Random.......traffic in first car

Hey you guys!! its been a while! how are u? i trust that you are all doing
well! I'm doing well too, Ive been working my butt off. My thoughts are so
scattered right now and i don't know where or how to

Traffic in Lagos has been STUPID!!!! Just plain stupid!! I don't know how long
it takes to do road construction but those HI-TECH guys on OZUMBA MBADIWE
take the award for the slowest and most retarded construction company ever! I
have to leave home like 3 hrs before my show so i can get to the station on
time. Driving in Lagos is not easy o, from dodging potholes to dodging the
crazy okadas that feel the need to cut in front of you at will, to the
beggars of all ages and ailments to the hungry ass police officers and lastma
officials to the local govt officials in ugly purple uniforms

Speaking of my show............i have a new shift now and I'm loving it! I
actually have a life now! I have more free time and i sleep better! That's not
to say i didn't go through a whole lot of drama when i started my new shift. I
really don't feel like going into detail but one of my colleagues was upset
that he didn't get the shift so he took it upon himself to tell everyone who
would listen that i "lobbied" for the job. I was a bit upset but I'm cool now.
He seems to have gotten over the disappointment too.

As for BF and I..........I made the mistake of telling my mother that BF AND
i have been discussing marriage and the woman almost went ballistic with
excitement, now every time we are alone, she asks me about him, how he's
doing, his family, his business and so on........she's been hinting me about
what colors look nice for a wedding like her favourite color "pink"- yuck!!!

Moving on to other things..........

I was driving today and somehow i started thinking about my first car, i got my first car in august 2004 and i lost it November 2004. My first car was a green Nissan something....cant remember now, i bought it for a $1000 from my cousin who was going to war (she was in the us army). It was a nice clean car, power windows, nice CD player. That car took me & my girls on many road trips, it was very fuel efficient and though it had a few problems, i didn't spend too much money on it.

One fateful evening, i accompanied my then ex-boyfriend Al to "club innuendo" or "club inferno" (really cant remember) It was a gay club and they were having a drag queen pageant. The pageant was interesting there was a talent segment, evening gown segment and even a swim wear segment. I know many of you are wondering why i attended such....... i was curious that's all. It was the most flamboyant, glamorous pageant i ever watched. A lot of those drag queens looked waaayyyyy better than myself and a lot of "real women" i know. Anyways, i had fun that night, i danced, i cheered, got a bit tipsy and at the end of the night, i was really tired. Al did everything he could to persuade me to spend the night but i refused.
So I got on the freeway back to my apartment about 25 mins away. It was freezing cold, the roads were practically deserted and not to mention it was 4am in the morning. I put on my radio, and turned on the heat, i guess i got so warm and comfortable that i started dosing. By the time i woke up, i was heading for the median at 70miles per hour, so i panicked and turned the steering wheel forcefully to the right, while (foolishly) leaving leaving my right foot on the gas (accelerator). The whole car swung around facing the other coming cars and hit the other median in the process. All this happened in less than a minute, i could not believe it, i thought i was dreaming...............a few minutes ago, i was kissing Al goodbye, the next thing i know, i see smoke rising from the bonnet. The whole bonnet looked like crumpled paper and the car ouldnt even start, the radiator was bent and so much more........... 5 minutes later, the police showed up, they towed my car for me and called me a cab. I was so miserable the next day!

My beloved car was gone. No more driving my car to class with my stereo turned up so loud and everyone is trying to see whose music is turned up so loud. All of a sudden, i became a pedestrian!! I stayed in bed for the whole day crying , i forced my self to go for my evening class and as i was walking with my head down, hair pulled back in a ponytail, no makeup, no earrings, random seater and faded jeans on.......i was really feeling sorry for myself............then this shiny black cadillac escalade with tinted windows pulls up next to me, the window rolls don and some black dude yells "Yo baby can i get yo number". Normally i would have rolled my eyes and kept on walking............I dont know what got into me that day, I looked at him, smiled and said..."I'll give you my number, if you take me to class". He said ok and opened the door, I jumped in (To be continued)


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