The crazy thoughts in my head: March 2007

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Im Baaaack!

Yes! Yes! Thank you very much, i KNOW you missed me *blowing kisses* yes i love you too!
Yours truly has been very naughty about updating my blog and I'm sorry..........I just got lazy........i would click on blog after blog reading and reading and leaving comments here and there.........its addictive!

Anyways let me give u quick synopsis of what has happened over the last 2 weeks:

Monday ( 2 weeks ago) - Had had a nasty fight with BF earlier in the week, on the phone and didn't talk to him for days. Only for him to call me and tell me that he was in town............and i was like "So?" . We met up later afternoon and made up.

Wednesday- Went to my first class and it wasn't so bad, noticed that i was the youngest, my classmates were in their 30s & 40s. Our professors style of lecturing left a lot to be desired.

Thursday- Had 2 classes, for the first 1 , the lecturer was a no show, went to my statistics class and i was so intimidated by all the math( pie charts, graphs and all that crap) may God help me cos i hate math with a passion. As he was teaching, NEPA took light and while i sat there waiting for the generator to come on, everyone else packed up and started heading out the door, it then dawned on me that once NEPA strikes, class is over. (Its a night class)

Friday- Saw "Last king of Scotland" . It bothered me how a human being could be so cruel to his own people (Idi Amin)

Saturday- Went to test drive my car- My car has been out of commission for a few months, i had to buy a new engine and some other stuff- anyway, I drove my baby and I'm glad to say she's as good as new.

MONDAY- My day off.........i lazed about a lil bit, got a call from BF telling me he's been chosen to be on the cover of a popular magazine, I'm so happy for him. Later on that same day, the same magazine called me and wants to do a story on me, i said yes. (Apparently they don't know that BF and i know each other)

Tuesday- Trying to get all my debtors to pay me my DAMN money. Also had a very important interview- i hope it turns out positive- it will be a really big break for me ........I have claimed it in Jesus name.

Wednesday- Saw "Code Name- The cleaner" - silly movie

Thursday- Went to class, and "no show" lecturer actually shows up- The dude is totally confused cos he doesn't know whether he wants to be a world traveler or a lecturer- He thought it particularly important to say over and over again(& i mean over & over) that he also works with nestle, he belongs to some world class nutrition society, he lectures @ University of Ibadan, that he has been halfway across the world, that he goes to London 4 times a year and that he will be in Switzerland in may...............................and so on.............I couldn't help rolling my eyes................then the dude left this 15 page handout...............I made up my mind there and then to drop his class and pick another one.

Friday- was interviewed by Juice mag
Saturday- was interviewed by Genevieve. Got my hands on the hip hop world awards tickets, so BF & I attended the occasion. It was a nice event. Most people dressed well. D-banj and Tana were the hosts and i just have to say D-banj rocks.............he made us all laugh and kept the audience entertained.

Best Pop artist- Weird Mc
Best Rap artist- Mode 9
Best video=P square (Temptation)
Jaiye Aboderin's award for best new artist (Hip hop world revelation)- Soul E
Best Special effects in a video-Soul e- Soul e baba
Best R&b- Paul play

Thats what i can remember for now sorry..........go or for more info.

Events coming soon:
Girl Power unleashed - March 24(Check out
Basketmouth uncesnsored - April 1
MBGN-Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria- end of march i believe...............

Oh 1 last has come to my knowledge that some people have found my blog and know who i am. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT MY BLOG WHEN I SEE YOU! I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTION!! NOSY ASSES!!