The crazy thoughts in my head: January 2008

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Within the first two weeks of this fabulous year, i have been so blessed, so lucky, so happy!!!
I just got a tv gig and its going to be huge by God's Grace!
Just won a Major award and i am soooo......overwhelmed, so happy!
Took the award to work the next day and u should have seen some people's faces........meeeennn!!! They were pained! I dont understand how U cant just be happy for people who are doing well around U!
BF was nominated as well but he didnt win, He really worked hard last year & i hope he wins next year.

What else is toe nails are black.........i feel sooooo goth, sooo strong.

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