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The crazy thoughts in my head

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Birthday is Coming & other stories

Hello there He-bloggers, She-bloggers and those in btw (lol) How are you? I have no excuse as usual for not blogging except LAZINESS!!! I have been around though reading and commenting on peoples blogs. Quite a lot has happened over the past 1 month.................
First of! I just want to let you all know that my b-day is July 18th!!! and I'm turning..........23 yay!!! 23 is young ain't it? but i feel 33 sometimes! I guess i grew up too fast.................Anyways! for my birthday i want a new car, a new phone, money to invest, money to shop, a full day at a spa and a grown and sexy birthday party. Its not too much to ask for is it?

Right now I'm slamming Umbrella eh eh eh on the radio..........i hated this song at first but i love it now! Rihanna did the video justice abeg, gotta hand it to the girl! she's working her narrow butt off!

About a month ago, i was invited to an audition for a TV show sponsored by that red toothpaste.........anyways i got there and was immediately intimidated by at least 50 different girls, all different shapes, sizes, different complexions, some with good teeth like mine (lol) some with OK teeth and some with ****What the f*ck happened to your teeth***. I was turned back because i am 5 ft 7 inches and they were looking for ladies 5ft 8 inches and above. I later got a call that night to go and re-audition, i got there the next day and i met about 5 other girls, all good looking. We were given a short script to memorize, when it was finally my turn, i walked into the private audition room and was greeted by two judges, 1 male 1 female, 2 video cameras with very harsh lighting. I introduced myself, delivered the lines almost perfectly and was feeling very confident with myself until they put on some music and said i should DANCE!!!

Dance ke? Cant remember the last time i danced in front of people, as in really DANCE, not the same old two step.............the make it worse...........the song they put on was P-SQUARE Busy Body Remix- now if you have heard this song, you would know its an upbeat song with a heavy bass line . So i started to move, i had no choice.........i just closed my eyes and did what i could do. As soon as the audition was over, i fled the room and never looked back.
In case u didn't know, i can be PAINFULLY shy sometimes despite the fact that i run my mouth on the radio almost daily lol!
To my surprise, i received yet another phone call to come for ANOTHER screening, when i asked what they thought about my dancing, the guy said " You surprised us, you did quite well, you get 2 out of 3" I was like "yeah right stop it" Now granted 2 out of 3 isn't groundbreaking but i thought i will disqualified if not banished from further auditions.....................i went for the next screening and met yet another set of people, i went thru the same audition process AGAIN and this this time they played KONGA.
I was told that i was among their top 3 contenders after that and was told to report back at the audition site in a few days for a written test!!! By this time, i was already fed up with all the bullsh*t, i got there a few days later, wrote the test (UNDER CAMERA SURVEILLANCE!!!) Oh and the test has nothing to do with the bloody product AND the icing on the cake was when they brought in salsa instructors! They paired us up (there were guys auditioning as well) and made us learn this simple salsa routine. It was fun though. I had some interesting conversations with some of the guys i was dancing with(some were actually star struck! lol! like I'm a star, one of them called his sister and made me talk to her lol!
I never got to the next stage of auditions, by then i had it up to here. I heard later that the other were like 3 other audition stages after that. All I'm saying is if i CATCH the bloody brand manager of that red toothpaste................i will give her a piece of my mind................going for all those bloody auditions, making me DANCE, making me write a test argghh!!!!

There's also some gist id like to give you guys concerning aristos but i gotta run now, will gist you later!

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