The crazy thoughts in my head: July 2007

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have a feeling i have done this before.............

1. I used to have a terrible temper- I wouldnt throw things or beat anyone up..............but i could see alarm in peoples eyes when i would flare up. Im a lot better takes a while to get me THAT worked up.

2. Before i use the toilet at home, i wipe the seat with dettol disinfectant repeatedly- I share a bathroom with my brothers and i always imagine that they might have missed their target (Get it?) Is this too much info?

3. I HATE cats. I detest the evil looking furry things. They give me goosebumps just looking at them. Any time i see a cat, i start pleading the blood of Jesus.

4. I love food. Not in the longer throat kind of way (lol). I hate it when people eat without chewing & actually taking to taste and savour the taste of what they are eating.

5. I see nothing wrong with cosmetic plastic surgery. If you want bigger boobs, get them, if your nose is too big, feel free to get a new one, if you have a gut, feel free to tuck it long as you dont over do it!

6. Someday.............i plan launch a plus size clothing line.

7. I love lingerie- I encourage every woman to own at least 1 . You dont have to wear it for anyone, wear it for yourself.


So i got my phone..............

Yes, i got my phone. Someone (im not telling you who!) Got me an N series nokia phone. Its not what you think either so get your minds out of the gutter.

Today is the 8th, 10 days to my birthday and i still dont know if im going to have a party..........i have so much work to do..........

im also in the middle of watching prison break season 2 and its so entertaining and i think im head over heels in lust with Michael Scofield (Yes Scofield the character). My favourite part so far was when he kissed the doctor (Sara Tancredi) in season one.

I also broke down and bought the current true love magazine - i stopped buying after they changed the price from N500 to N700 without warning. The bloggers all looked lovely.

i promise that if im having a party, i will invite all bloggers ! Take care and have a great week!

Before i forget! Diddy is coming to naija alongside shakira, kelly rowland, rihanna, john legend, ub40 and Neyo- July 14 & 15th!!!

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Sunday, July 01, 2007


My car has a lot of issues, if its not the radiator fan, its the fuel pump or the fuel filter or the fuel hose OR it will be the oil filter and so on and so forth..............the car has turned me into a mechanic, I go to the spare parts market(Ladipo or Daleko) in mushin myself. If my car grunts, squieks or even stops, in a few minutes..........i know whats wrong- A fact that annoys my driver and mechanic to the core because they cannot easily exploit me for money under the pretense of repairing my car.

I have come to the conclusion that i need a new car and i want a RAV4. Just a teeny tiny two door RAV4. I dont like SUV's or big cars but I NEED the smallest RAV4 i can find because its the rainy season and that turns my area into a Riverine area- the floods are terrible and im tired of buying new parts for my car evry rainy season!

So i was telling my parents that i want to buy a RAV 4 and my mom said "Dont buy a RAV 4!!" Pls dont buy a RAV4!! You will scare away suitors!................Would you believe my father agreed with her?
My response was "I dont want any guy who cant step up to me because of the car i drive"

Do you agree with them? That i will drive suitors away because of the kind of car i want to drive? Am i supposed to seem like im in need so that guys would step up to me?? What the hell?? Whose theory is this anyway??

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