The crazy thoughts in my head: August 2007

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Marriage and Kids.

Bf and I were talking about marriage yesterday and he said he wants to get married next year..........i laughed and laughed and laughed (OK! u get the point) I just see marriage as such a "Grown up" thing. I guess i still see myself as very young sometimes. He then mentioned kids and i froze all over! Am i scared of labor pains? Hell yes! Am i worried that having kids will affect my figure and I'll have to work out like hell to get it back?? Hell yes! Am i worried that i wont be a good mother or that I'm too self absorbed sometimes or impatient to take care of another human being? HELL YES!

He wants 4 kids, i say i want 2 and they better be twins. Don't get me wrong, i like babies, they are cute and cuddly and everything but they also change your life forever.
I was watching a young mother and her 3 or 4 yr old today at a fast food restaurant, the boy made a mess of his food, then proceeded to climb on the chairs, the tables and at a point he was singing at the top of his voice and swinging from a pole. Now this might be normal restless behavior for a child but i was already irritated. I don't i weird?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I tried..............

I know you guys think i've been lazy again but i swear i havent been lazy! This bloody blogger website just refused to open up anytime i had the urge to blog. Seriously, i tried over 7 times and finally today, it opened!!! Yay!!!

lets start from my birthday- I received so many calls & text messages from friends, family, fans and people i dont even know. Thank you all. God bless u! It was a very quiet birthday, i hung out with my friends during the day, then at night i went out to dinner with my family.

Oh and guess what?- i took 2 wks leave- My first leave in almost 3 yrs, it was a wonderful feeling to sleep in & watch TV. I also watched the complete first season of ugly betty, the complete 3rd season of greys anatomy and the 2nd episode of prison break.

I also ate a lot and i put on some weight.

Im back at work now and it kind of sucks, I love the feeling of doing nothing and eating all day (lol) .

Im still looking to buy a car so if u are in naija and u know someone willing to sell their RAV4, do leave a comment........Thank u.

Im also so upset cos i had a bunch of stuff to blog about but i cant seem to remember!!!argghh!!!

I hear that policemen in lagos have started arresting people at gun point for "dressing indecently", for the females, any girl wearing a sleeveless or spagetti strap top, for males, if your jeans are sagging, if you have pierced ears and locs. Can u imagine?? We plan to interview the
commisioner of police soon.

I had fun on my leave, i met some new people (especially guys)...........there's some married dude who wants me to go with him to Dubai and Bahrain (lol!) Ive been dodging his calls..........................................(to be continued)