The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy thoughts in my head

The crazy things in my head

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Least Likely Meme

Hairdo I'm least likely to rock: Low cut

Habit I'm least likely to kick: Spending Long Hours on the internet

Car I'm least likely to drive: Beetle

Fashion trend I'm least likely to try: Leggings- Dont like them!

Hobby I'm least likely to take up: Knitting or Gardening!

TV show I'm least likely to appear on: Survivor....The bachelor

Popular food I'm least likely to try: Sushi- Im not a fan of Fish!

Disorder I'm least likely to develop: Alcoholism- I know when to stop!

Of all the people I know, I am the least likely to: Spend money on designer Clothes

As far as future ambition goes, I'm least likely to: go into Medicine

Monday, March 03, 2008

Girls like her.......

I have this girlfriend, she's so lucky, in her career and especially with guys. She just seems to have everything under control. She's in her 20's, she has a great job and has guys eating out of the palm of her hands.

For some reason, girls like her just walk into a room &half the guys in the room want to talk to her, want to know her, want to spoil her. I have seen important men lose their composure because of this chick. She's pretty, has a nice figure and is a nice person (nothing out of the ordinary).

Girls like her dont have to train guys, they dont have to tell them to send flowers to her just BECAUSE
Girls like her are approached by the most eligible men.
Girls like her are spoiled with designer jewellry, clothes, accessories & holidays to exotic places.

Just the other day, within 30 minutes of meeting the owner of an electronics store, the guy offered to give her the biggest plasma tv in his store. She thought he was joking, but he was already giving his people orders to load it in a truck for delivery to her house. She turned it down.
What is it about girls like HER???


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Within the first two weeks of this fabulous year, i have been so blessed, so lucky, so happy!!!
I just got a tv gig and its going to be huge by God's Grace!
Just won a Major award and i am soooo......overwhelmed, so happy!
Took the award to work the next day and u should have seen some people's faces........meeeennn!!! They were pained! I dont understand how U cant just be happy for people who are doing well around U!
BF was nominated as well but he didnt win, He really worked hard last year & i hope he wins next year.

What else is toe nails are black.........i feel sooooo goth, sooo strong.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

LIKE play..........LIKE play.........

Like play like Joke, its the end of the year again. I wont say 2007 flew by but it was a bit fast. 2007- The year that welcomed me with a gun in my face- (see my old post)

2007- The year of many lessons learnt- The most important of them of all, is not to take God for granted especially when it comes to paying tithes. I made a lot of money early in the year and somehow did not pay my tithes, lets just say...............i was broke for a long time after that until i got a clue and started paying my tithes again.........You may not believe it...........but Ive made more money than i ever earned in my life.

2007- My year of girliness- This year, My hair was ALMOST always on point! I wore more dresses, skirts and heels than i had ever worn since i was a child.

2007- The year of dodging married men. For some reason, i became very attractive to married or almost married men and I'm proud to say i successfully dodged all of them.

2007- The year i saw Diddy, Neyo, Rihanna, Lil Kim, Brick & Lace, Amerie, John Legend, Brian Mcknight, Sisqo, Evelyn Champagne King, Caron Wheeler from soul 2 soul, Kelly Rowland in the flesh. I spoke with 112, Donell Jones, Sisqo, Brian Mcknight, Caron Wheeler& Brick & Lace.

2007- It was the year i did things i never thought i had the nerve to: like dance salsa on TV & audition for a major TV network.

It was a year full of surprises, twists, turns and lots of hidden blessings. A year i fell in love with my family again and a year that they got on my last nerve! A year that i realized that anger is too time consuming, its a year i learnt to say F*ck it! to things/situations/people who would have normally ticked me off. I learned to think outside the box. Its the year i learnt to PRAY & PRAY seriously. I'm no Pastor but Prayer works!

I'm glad to see the year 2007 end because I'm looking forward to endless possibilities in 2008. Have a great NEW YEAR, GOD BLESS & BE SAFE!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On Vacation!

Im on leave at the moment............having the time of my life! see u guys when i get back........................

Friday, November 02, 2007

Undomestic- is that a word???

I confess. I'm Undomestic! Dunno if its a word..............what I'm trying to say is.....................


I don't hate cooking, I'm just not that delighted about it! I'm not the girl who sits and writes recipes and plans to cook this or that special meal...........its just not me...........I'd rather go out to eat................its even one of my hobbies.........i love trying out new things at restaurants.


We havent had a maid in the last 12 years, so I'm used to doing most of the house work especially now that my siblings are away at school, i do all the house work. I cook, i clean, i sweep, i mop..............i do it all...........I HATE IT! but i do it! I ESPECIALLY HATE WASHING DISHES!! I always become angry as i scrub away at the dishes, the forks...........the mugs...........

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way! I'm undomestic! so what? I'm no Mary Poppins!


Monday, October 29, 2007

I look like her

She's 5ft 4 inches, Im 5ft 7inches
she's big boned, im big boned
she's light skinned, has bow legs, big hips, small waist- im dark skinned, have slightly bow legs, ive got hips too and what would have been a small waist (if i can stop eating so much junk)

She has a flat forehead, cute nose and high cheek bones- I have the same

She always smiling and is so patient - im not always smiling, i am so impatient

She's conservative- Im liberal

She loves naija movies- I dont like them

She's in her 40's - im in my 20's

She's my mother- Im her daughter