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The crazy thoughts in my head

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Saturday, May 26, 2007


I was thinking of my friends and coincidentally saw this on Nigerican's blog , so i stole it and changed it a bit.

*The Best friend- They'll be there thru thick and thin; They’ll always keep u're secrets(no matter how bad it is); They'll let u know when u're outfit is hideous ; they'll tell u if u're man is cheating ( btw thanks gal) ; most importantly they'll keep it real with u with good intentions like no one else will. These are u're true Ride or die peeps. - SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE MY BEST FRIEND IS! Dont have anyone in this category except BF

*The Good friends- They'll be there thru thick, they might not be tight enough for thin; they always get u a birthday card with no real mushy wushy like the bestest will. U can tell them secrets however, some times it might be @ u're own risk. They are definitely cool peeps - My sorors & Miss K

*The cook- U know no matter what day it is u go to visit, there is always gonna be delicious food. Infact to be real honest the only reason u guys are such good friends is because having her around means u'll never be hungry. - I'll say............Miss T might qualify

*The Fashionista- she loves to dress. She can turn a $2 shirt into a $50 looking shirt (true talent). -This is DEFINITELY Miss K.

*The Fashionless- she wears hearts with circles and strips with polka dots. U try to tell her that doesn't go ,but she insist they are both red .You always have to be steps ahead or steps behind her cause to be honest you r somewhat embarrassed. - This has to be my cousin E (Luv ya girl!) My dear cousin's fashion sense is just weird!

*The Borrower- "oh that shirt looks so cute on u, can I wear it tomorrow?" She's constantly trying to borrow u're clothes, shoes, jewelry and even make-up. Its worse when she has the audacity to ask to wear u're new clothes, so she can floss in them first. U lend her one thing and she wears it a million times, now if u ever wear it someone will think u borrowed it- Ex BFF- Miss L definitely

*The Braniac- she's so smart .She motivates u to study.U must admit sometimes u hate her, how can she party all night and still get an "A" - Hate to say it but this also goes to Ex BFF Miss L- This girl was always on the deans list!

*The comedian- she's constantly cracking u up. U know who to call when u've had a bad day cus she always has something weird to say. - This goes to my road dawg Miss J, we had some great laughs!

*The follower- she doesn't care as long as she's involved. U can punk her into doing stupid shit with the threat that u won't talk to her if she doesn't follow through. -
Now this goes to Miss M, though there were some times she put her foot down and and said NO.

*The Ashawo- U gotta hand it to her, she is a hard worker. She's a whore but u love her. She’s fun to hang out with cus she's non-judgmental. U and the rest of the pack just love gossiping about her escapades. We all have an ashawo friend and if u say u don't, u're probably that friend lol. - Sorry luv, Miss L, you take this one too!

*The Dramatic- she is always dieing; her body always hurts. She blows everything out of proportion. She always calls for the Holy ghost fire and she's constantly rebuking things in JC's Name. But u gotta love her, some of her outbursts are so hilarious. - This is ME LOL!

*The Partier- everyone knows one of these, she is so much fun. She will drive all the way to L.A. (6hr drive if I might add) with u just to have a good time. She is such a good drinking buddy and she is so not judgmental (the last thing u want is a drunk judging u). - This goes to TWO of my friends, one male- Mr. A & one female- Miss S!!! Last time i spoke with Mr. A, he said he missed the way we used to mix drinks!! Lol! Luv ya !

*The holy holy- believe me if she wasn't such a nice person u guys wud not be friends. She gets on u're nerves with all that preaching, she acts like u've never heard the gospel before. Don’t get me wrong I love God and all but i feel religion is a very personal thing .Its especially difficult when both of u believe in two different things. - Dont have any friend like this.

*The Liar-Gosh she's always fabricating stories. She lies so much u almost feel it has to be some kind of disease .-
Cant think of anyone.....

*The Flaker- Can she ever show up for something. U get so tired of inviting her cause u know she won’t show. She reminds u of a solar eclipse, because she rarely ever shows u’re excited when she does ( she’s fun even with her bad habit). - Mrs B

* Miss Bossy- she is so bossy. She arranges the weekend trips, she dictates what restaurant we should all go to dinner at. Gosh u just wanna slap her sometimes, who does she think she is ? U love her though when she gets the restaurant bill reduced by causing a scene and insisting on speaking to management about their poor service. - Miss T

*The Broke ass- She is the friend who never has money to do anything and yet she is always willing and ready to spend u’res. She is the official bum of the group and yet she wants champagne and Caviar on her beer and chicken salary, my bad what salary the only thing she can afford is water (and that’s free). (Give her a job classified PLEASE) -
Dont have any female friends like this but i can mention a few guys!!!! - Mr V!!! U need to get your life together son!!


Blogger Inuke Omotola Davis said...

The cook: I have a good friend in that category. you can trust that there will be fresh jollof rice in her kitchen anyday anytime even if a tornado came by!

11:26 AM  
Blogger Bubbles said...

Yup, i definitely have a couple of friends that fit some of the categories. In all though i especially think i've been blessed when it comes to true friends.

2:49 PM  
Blogger The Pseudo-Independent said...

This is only to reserve a seat here and I will be back to comment properly after reading the above excellent post.
Ill be back. However, just in case I am taking too long, please give me a shout.
See you shortly.

1:24 PM  
Blogger chichi said...

what does BFF mean?
and my friend you have girl friends! you jaboed us when you moved back home/became a popular d.j.
:( :(

11:51 PM  
Blogger Justme said...

Lol @ Chi Chi, I didnt jabo u guys!
BFF- Best friends FOREVER

11:12 PM  
Blogger Ms.Minx said...

Where am I? J/K!! Saw ur comment..I suggested Sunday!

7:23 AM  
Blogger chichi said...

you jaboed us big time. if i only know what's going on with you by reading scanned mag pages on bellanaija or that you've been nominated for awards, then you've jaboed us. But it's okay....I will survive!

2:06 PM  
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2:10 PM  
Blogger ~Mimi~ said...


2:14 PM  
Blogger Justme said...

im around, going through some stuff! will gist u guys about it!

12:16 AM  
Blogger chichi said...

was working this weekend and got a chance to listen to you online.
I'm proud of you ma :)

10:23 AM  
Blogger BOBBY said...

What org do you belong to? What did you pledge? Good to see you are Greek!

9:49 AM  

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