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Friday, January 26, 2007

Totally Random!

When i say Random, I mean RANDOM!
First of all im not happy. not "sad sad", but im not happy happy (told u this was random) Im not as happy as i should be, im not satisfied with my level of happiness! Ok, first of.........the tv show is ending next week........meaning im going tohave free time on my hands..................i need something to do! I need another tv show or something!

Problem #2- I live with my parents!!! I live with my parents!!! I love them to death but they get on my nerves!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH! I would love to move out & get a place of my own!!!

Problem#3- My wonderful parents are trying to force me to do my masters in a naija university. No offense but i feel like its a backward thing to do! I have a bachelors degree from a great school in the U.S &I feel like adding a degree from a naija university on my beautiful CV/Resume is almost equivalent to baking a nice cake, but instead of putting on the very best icing/frosting, u sprinkle granulated sugar on it! Im so sorry if you think im spoiled.............but get over it! its my blog!! So i've been having nightly arguments with parents about this since September last yr.

Problem #4- What do you do if your best guy friend falls in love with you & wants to be with you? & for the first time ever, you notice that he looks at you like you are the most edible thing in sight? What do you do when this is the exact time your BF is not around & not paying as much attention as he should...............thereby unknowingly pushing you into the eager & waiting arms of the aforementioned best friend??? (Im in trouble you guys!!! help!)

Problem #5- I sooooo want to work for MTV, BET OR E! Can somebody hook me up??? do you know when they audition people???

Apart from all happy, but not "happy,happy"


Blogger Calabar Gal said...

Parents - they do get on our nerves more often than not. Breathe girl, Breathe!!!

I would say put ur foot down and complete ur masters over there. Why on earth would they prefer you to study for ur masters in a naija university when we are all running over to the diaspora for a better education?

Run from ur best friend's guy like hell!! I think he's trying to ruin ur relationship. Or maybe they're both up to some pranks and you'll be the scapegoat in their game. I think he's a joker. U're his best friends girl for goodness sake!!!

2:46 AM  
Blogger Justme said...

I meant MY best MALE friend, as in my best "GUY" friend, not my GUYS BEST

1:32 PM  
Blogger Ms.Minx said...

Don't go there with the friend. It NEVER ends well...NEVER!!!

And parents...well, they suck sometimes, lol. I say, just tell pops that if he pays for tuition, you won't go to class, lol. No offense to the world, but once u've gone to Harvard or something, will u now decide to attend Yabatech? E no fit work...that's my own 13 cents!! Later!!

4:05 PM  
Blogger Bluntremi said...

Parents...PELE GAN!!
There is really no tried and true way to deal with them really!!

But try to assert yourself, no matter how hard that might be!!

10:35 PM  
Blogger 36 INCHES OF BROWN LEGS said...

thats just wronG? do ur first degree in the US and then do a masters here? thats gonna totally mess up ur cv babes, mayeb im spoilt too but whatever. its not worth it, well unless u r going to Lagos business School, even at that, i wouldnt do it. how about doing a masters online instead?

run from you best friend, run a sfar as u can run, trust me im on this situation and although i havent run cos i think i got it under control, maybe cos im single i dont know but whatever, i think u should just be careful, cos if things ever happen btwn u guys it would either go all horribly wrong or be fantastice and boyfy would never forgive u as hed always think u were doing things from way back? did i just make any senes? lol.

9:19 AM  

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